Five (5) Shoots making Niva’s Instagram headlines from the past weeks.

Ayyy whats up guys, hope ya’ll doing grreaattt B-) !
So I thought i should compile 5 different shoots i had from a few weeks back and explain why i liked them, and just basically show you whats been hot lately. 

Lets get straight into it:

1). The Daniel Hechter Shoot

Now, this is actually a throw back and it currently on my Instagram, you should check it out, and it was actually just a trial shoot with my friend Helix (photographer). I took it at the New Confucius Centre at my school (Unza) and this particular piece just amazed me. Helix and I scheduled an even tougher shoot so stay tuned B-) . 

2). The Puma Shoot

Now this one was actually just a thought i had when i was seated in my bedroom. I usually visualize something, then call my buddy Kaluba and tell him i need him to take a picture of me, haha. Sooo yeah, i just liked how the orange and black came out, pretty chic.

3). Kaluba’s Shoot

I know right? Why am i featuring someone else? Haha, well Kaluba is myyyumm buddy annnddd he wanted to have a shoot with his old Nike shoes (I LOVE THOSE SHOES!) , so i thought it was a great idea actually, so we tried different pauses and THIS ONE captivated me, just look at it, nothing says Old Skool RnB more than this Pic. I love it!

4). Army Green x White shoes Shoot

Now one thing you guys must know is, i LOVE navy green combined with white shoes, so i arranged a shoot, again with Kaluba lol (Terrence is busy you guys) (who is Terrence? Stay tuned Lol) .. Soo yeah, i just loved the clarity, how i edited it, though the pose was a little funny to me anyway, Loooool.

5). The Adidas Shoot

This one is a throw back too. Now heres a crazy thing about this one haha, it was actually taken by A STRANGER! yeah! I was walking inside Acacia Park in Lusaka and i saw that the building has a black-ish background, and i really wanted to match the black, grey and white, so i saw this dude coming, and (me and my whiteness) i asked him if he had a minute and he agreed. So blah blah he took the pics and hey, after i edited this one I just liked how official it looked, even though it was just a 2 minutes (even less) thing.

So thats all for today’s blog guys, hope you liked it. 

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Meet my new Inspo – Anele Papu, South African born photographer and all-round multi talented creative.

I came across Anele’s instagram page one time (cant really remember how, lol) but ever since i followed him i have received a decent amount of motivation to further my fashion skills, photography skills and also, well im thinking of starting the gym and Anele does all three. 

One of the things i noticed about this guy is the way he simply alligns his outfits, so simple and neat, and they just come out really awesome. His passion for photography has given me a little further push to continue my hunt for a personal good quality camera to improve my fashion showcases, and the fact that he works out too, and im about to start working out, how much more inspiration could one be looking for? 

Born in Port Elizabeth, Papu attended the school of Music, Art & Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He gained incredible experience over the past two years through his Multimedia & Marketing company, Vulzee. It was during this time he had the pleasure of working and collaborating in multiple projects with South Africa’s finest talent and exceptional companies.

His career was launched when he recently moved to Johannesburg in early 2016 and has had the opportunity to collaborate and work with remarkable brands such as Roll Royce, Adidas, Huawei, Daniel Wellington, Uber South Africa, TopMan, Jaguar South Africa. His work has been featured in exhibitions with Adidas and publications such as GQ South Africa.

You can follow him on Instagram using the handle – @anelepapu .