The 5 things that shouldn’t miss in every man’s closet.

Okay so today we’re gonna talk about the five things that every decent man should have amoungst his stuff, and i know some of you might already have some or all of these (like myself) so i though we help out a few that might, well, need such advice.

So lets get straight into it.

1). A Pair of White Shoes.

Come on guys, long gone are the days when one would say, “I don’t own a pair of white shoes because its a hard color to maintain.” By now you should know that white shoes need some extra care right after stepping into them (you are not clean till you can maintain the color white, period). I advise simple, non-sophisticated shoes like Common Projects, Vans, and even Adidas Superstars. They are quite an easy get away for people that want their outfits simple and neatly done. They also help one to come up with an outfit because they easily match almost any color due to their neutral characteristic. So grab yourself a pair of white shoes. ITS AN ORDER. lol.

2). High Quality ‘Designer’ Wallet. 

A good, quality wallet gives you confidence. Now i know you might be wondering why I’m emphasizing the designer part: well it doesn’t have to be a designer branded wallet, but for a person like me i like accessories that are easily defined by their brand; talk of Cartier, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Fendi … It just doesn’t feel right to have this really good outfit on, with a low quality wallet in your pocket. It doesn’t have to be designer, but get a wallet of HIGH quality that will last long. Some months back i spent my last cash (i wont mention how much) to buy myself a Prada Wallet and up to now, I always look at it and, it just feels so dope (the texture + name).

3). Turtle Neck

You can have any other jersey in your closet, but grab a turtle neck too. Turtle necks are really nice jerseys to wear when it comes to winter days especially when you want to keep warm and look stylish at the same time. They have a characteristic attached to them of automatically making you a ‘cool, clean and nicely dressed’ person even without adding too much effort to your outfit. So i advise you get at least one turtle neck jersey; color based on the type of clothes you have (I advise burgundy, light grey or black).

4). Wrist watch(es)

Most people have the mindset of saying a wrist watch is for time; well yes it is but there is another reason you should have a wrist watch in your closet – to complete your outfit. I have walked out of my room on different occasions without my wrist watch and trust me i felt just how incomplete my outfit was, forcing me to rush back in and get it. However, I advise each man to have AT LEAST TWO (2) high quality, branded watches. Come on guys, save some cash and get two watches because being dapper requires spending actually. You can buy them according to the type of dress codes you like. Have one for killer occasions and another for daily use. You might want to pick a neutral color like black – and also brown (brown is even more classy). 

5). Deodorant 

“Buy Deodorant, Buy Deodorant, Buy DEO-DO-RANT.” You may not have enough cash for a perfume, but deodorant must NEVER miss out in your closet. In fact Deodorant and Roll On are two of the things that must never miss in every man’s closet. Go ahead, walk naked outside if you want to, but smell good while you piss people off with your indecency. But on a serious note, it is vital to wear deodorant after each shower to not only avoid disturbing the public, but also for your personal hygiene.


The 6 Perfumes every man MUST have in his collection.

Clear away that cologne you have on your dressing table Lad because once you try out at least ONE of these colognes i will list down, you will fall in love with yourself even more and your confidence levels will rise up, TRUST ME.

Now i must inform you, i havent owned all of these yet but i have tested them before in my local perfume shops and best believe me, they made me want to spend the last penny i had! They have this really good, rich smell that wont even affect you if you have a flu, and they will have each person that walks past you wonder who just walked past them; not to mention the sudden increase in the hugs you will receive everyday once the ladies discover, haha.

Not to waste much time, and with brief descriptions (because, well original perfume have this slight similarity) here are the Top 6 perfumes you should have seated in your closet or on your dressing table everyday (i was going to list 5 only but I failed to remove one).

6). Diesel – Fuel for life

I remember one time i went to visit my cousin Chilekwa at his room, and as cousins behave you just want to try out whatever he has anyway, i saw this cologne in his closet and tried it and it changed my whole perception about the brand Diesel. This cologne has a really good smell that lasts all day, and is very noticeable each time you hang around people for a few minutes. I cant fully descibe a scent but i will advise you to try it out the next time you go shopping. I just finished my bottle a few days ago.

5). Lacoste – Jaune – Optimistic

I have known Lacoste for a long time now but the first time i saw this specific cologne was when South African Fashion Blogger ‘Siyabonga Beyila’ posted it on his Instagram. It looked nice because of the color and it raised curiosity you know. So one time i went over to Foschini i saw it, tested it, and OMG i fell in love. It has a wonderful flowery scent that goes well with any occasion but especially casual events and will probably keep you smiling all day (like it did to me that day). Im yet to buy it once i have enough cash.

4).  Polo Black

I havent owned this one yet but that one time i tried it out at my friend’s room, i begged for him to give it to me (and No he didnt, sucked). I have always known Ralph Lauren to be good at clothing but little did i know he is also a beast when it comes to perfumes too. Im saying this because even ‘Polo Sport’ is just as good. Yet to own one Polo Black perfume bottle as soon as possible.

3). Hugo Boss – Just Different

Even the slogan says it guys, Hugo Boss Just Different is the best Hugo Boss perfume i have smelled so far. Talk about Class, this perfume will have every girl you walk past twisting her head to know who exactly the dude that walked past her is. I havent owned it yet but i tried it out at Foschini too and best believe me, i was sniffing my coat all the way on my bus back to school! So next time you want to get a perfume bottle, be different, get Hugo Boss ‘Just Different’.

2). 212 Vip are you on the list Nyc – Gold edition.

The competition is stiff here guys haha. Carolina Herrera figured it out here. Now, not just any 212, but the VIP – Gold. Like OMG, i have been owning 212 NYC plain and 212 Men and little did I know none of these (according to my preference) smelled any better than the Gold edition. I wont go any further descibing it, ill leave it to you to try out. Cheers. Good luck. Buy it. Go. – NO WAIT!! I have one more… (Drum roll)

1). Tom Ford – Black Orchid!

YESSS the exclamation mark has to be there. Oh you think im exaggerating? Go try it bro. This is by far, the BEST perfume i have ever smelled and i MUST have this one in my collection very soon. Its smell is RICH, lasts very long, and will definitely give you a large chance to get your crush. It changes your whole definition, it gives you the utmost attention, it will have you smelling yourself like a retard all day. It’s beautiful guys, i cant even explain it any better. But, it is quite pricey so you might want to check your account first before walking into a store, lol. I have smelled other Tom Fords like Noir, Tuscan Leather and Grey Vetiver and well, they just werent up to level. So if you, Lad, have commas in your account, get up, and go try it out. Tell me if you wont walk out with it.
Those are the top 6 colognes i would advise you guys to try out. If you dont have enough bucks, save for at least one of them; you wont regret.