Five (5) Shoots making Niva’s Instagram headlines from the past weeks.

Ayyy whats up guys, hope ya’ll doing grreaattt B-) !
So I thought i should compile 5 different shoots i had from a few weeks back and explain why i liked them, and just basically show you whats been hot lately. 

Lets get straight into it:

1). The Daniel Hechter Shoot

Now, this is actually a throw back and it currently on my Instagram, you should check it out, and it was actually just a trial shoot with my friend Helix (photographer). I took it at the New Confucius Centre at my school (Unza) and this particular piece just amazed me. Helix and I scheduled an even tougher shoot so stay tuned B-) . 

2). The Puma Shoot

Now this one was actually just a thought i had when i was seated in my bedroom. I usually visualize something, then call my buddy Kaluba and tell him i need him to take a picture of me, haha. Sooo yeah, i just liked how the orange and black came out, pretty chic.

3). Kaluba’s Shoot

I know right? Why am i featuring someone else? Haha, well Kaluba is myyyumm buddy annnddd he wanted to have a shoot with his old Nike shoes (I LOVE THOSE SHOES!) , so i thought it was a great idea actually, so we tried different pauses and THIS ONE captivated me, just look at it, nothing says Old Skool RnB more than this Pic. I love it!

4). Army Green x White shoes Shoot

Now one thing you guys must know is, i LOVE navy green combined with white shoes, so i arranged a shoot, again with Kaluba lol (Terrence is busy you guys) (who is Terrence? Stay tuned Lol) .. Soo yeah, i just loved the clarity, how i edited it, though the pose was a little funny to me anyway, Loooool.

5). The Adidas Shoot

This one is a throw back too. Now heres a crazy thing about this one haha, it was actually taken by A STRANGER! yeah! I was walking inside Acacia Park in Lusaka and i saw that the building has a black-ish background, and i really wanted to match the black, grey and white, so i saw this dude coming, and (me and my whiteness) i asked him if he had a minute and he agreed. So blah blah he took the pics and hey, after i edited this one I just liked how official it looked, even though it was just a 2 minutes (even less) thing.

So thats all for today’s blog guys, hope you liked it. 

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