Lets talk (FIVE) sneakers! 

Ayyye whats up guys, been a while huh? Well iv been busy lately with school and all, and kind of never had anything to talk about. But, as i was seated on my bed i thought “damn, i really need more shoes” so i told my roommate ‘Milimo’ that i wanna – write something about shoes. 

So basically I’m just talking about 5 shoes that I currently like, its gonna be in summary so I don’t bore you guys, lol, soooo lets get straight into it. Oh and this post is very Unisex so even girls will have their, pictures in it to relate to (I donno what I’m saying). So I’ll list them from 5 to 1 but number doesn’t define how much i like it.

5). Adidas ZX flux

I simply like this shoe you guys, now i know people are currently saying, “noo, its too common now” but really, if i had some bucks on me, i wouldn’t hesitate, ild buy it – in black and white that is, Lol.

4). Vans Sk8 Hi 

Vans! Vans! Vans! They never get out of fashion! just like converse, truuuust me on this one. Im known to not be a fan of high cut shoes, but these ones just make me feel, well, BUY THEM Niva. I simply like these shoes, and ild rock them in shorts, kinda like my polish and british friends rock them. So ild definitely buy these if i had cash right now.

3). Rihanna Puma Creepers

I bet I answered your prayer huh? You wanted these to be listed huh? Lol .. I love these shoes, ESPECIALLY Black and Gum, like, I need money right now, i need the black and gum creepers. Had a chance once, my friends learning in china were closing, but, well, never had enough cash (now I’m just making myself sound broke, lol). 

2). Adidas Alpha Bounce!

Why the exclamation mark? *whispers while getting loud* Cause they aRE CLASSICS! first time i saw these shoes were on South African Photograher Anele Papu’s instagram page – I simply fell in love with them. Quite pricey yeah, but they would sit really well in my closet. They kinda look like good shoes for work outs though. 

1). Nike Air Huarache

Now i know most people know me to be an Adidas person, but guys, lets admit it, these are one of the coolest shoes so far! One would look at them and say, “but its too detailed” yeah exactly, these shoes are nice because they are detailed but still nice – not to mention how comfortable they are. Plus i got the influence from my friends in poland and ireland, they love this shoe a lot, so do I and I can’t wait to own it (forget the Adidas factor, YOLO) Lol. 

I guess thats it. I don’t know about you, but these are the shoes I’m currently obsessed with. But you can let me know which ones you like, 3 is the number, leave a comment and share this link to your friends too. Peace!


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