Chelsea Boots! The Sexiest Boots alive!

Now one thing you guys must know is, after my 12th grade at the end of 2012 I suddenly told myself i never wanted to wear high cut shoes again. Reason why? I told myself i never liked the uncomfortability i had at my ankles every time i wore them (or any other high cut shoe).

Then, some time in 2014 I discovered boots called Chelsea Boots, and i know you guys know them already. I first saw them when celebrity Scott Disick uploaded them on Instagram and i was like, “wow, what type of boots are these?”

by Yves Saint Laurent

I love the fact that they dont have shoelaces, making them even easier and faster to wear – with the help of the elastic on their neck which also helps when one is walking to avoid the uncomfortability i complained about. Plus, these are just so beautiful i mean cant you see them? Lol. My favorite colors of these boots are Tan and Black; but i would pick Tan first … no black … no both.

Below are a few photos of celebrities wearing chelsea boots.

[Dresscode Tip: Wear chelsea boots with slim fit jeans and a plain shirt or t shirt. Add a coat if the weather allows too]

Kanye West
Magic Fox

Victoria Beckham


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