Drizzy Drake’s way of Dressing!

Call him “Drizzy Drake Not Just Your Rapper”. Im excited about this one! Drake is not just my all time ‘Favorite Artist’, but what i also noticed is how he puts his clothes in order to come out with his simple, effortless yet eye catching outfits!

Drake is popularly know for his awesome music. Some call him an emotional artist but come on guys, you have probably played at least one Drake song during your emotional days, lol.

Drake also owns a clothing line called “OVO” in line with his music record company “OVO sound” and supplies his clothing line worldwide so you can also have a chance to feel like, i mean, Drake himself!

In Drake’s style, he always seems to never forget a jacket or sweatshirt on him, could it be the weather he is surrounded with? Canada? Nevertheless, he is also spotted to be a lover of high cut shoes like Timbalands and ALSO his very own OVO Jordans that he launched on 13th February, 2016 (and No, i do not mean he doesnt wear low cut shoes too … He does … Quite often).

Did i also mention just how great he looks in a suit? With added advantage from his work outs, Drake switched from being your emotional singer to what girls love to call “Daddy” from 0 to 100 ‘Real Quick!’

Need i say more? Check out some of his cool outfits i  below …


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