“Yeezy Yeezy with em Trench coats huuhhh??”

Oh men, trench coats are just amazing! They always remind me of when i was little, and i would be watching cartoons and this bad guy pops up with this “cape” on his back, usually in black, and he would look like so badass you would want him to win the fight.

But then we have this guy Kanye West, who had such an outstanding emergency into the fashion industry, starting with ‘Polo t shirts and Back packs’ like he usually mentions in his music, to a much more diverse style as at now. Kanye west is somebody that has made trench coats definitely have the tag ‘A Must Have’ in your closet with the great looks he combines them with.

One thing you should realize too is, trenchcoats suit well, and I mean very well, with a certain kind of attitude you usually portray on the regular. Kanye west is somebody known for hardly smiling right? Always got a serious face? And if you connect my introduction where i talked about villains looking badass with the black capes, and actually coats too, you realize they suit with this serious facial expression one wears and they just make you look ‘Badaazzzz’, period.

But I’m not trying to say Kanye is bad no, haha, but i mean, that particular mood trenchcoats set you in is packed with so much confidence like you are about to save the day or something.

The style that comes with trench is spectacular. They make you look really dapper and clean without looking overdressed.

Also, the great part about trenchcoats is, they look even better when they are unbuttoned, like Kanye Wests Burberry Camel coat above, a white v neck to be particular would be just the right choice to feel free in the inside without having to deal with so much content/thread _ allowing enough air circulation within your chest and abnormal area for confort that takes you at least more than half the day; provided you are experiencing a nicely chilly weather outside :).


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