Exclusive: Check out our Latest Q&A Interview with our Chief Editor – Niva Hankede.

We took time to chat with Menswear Influencer and also our Chief Editor – Niva Hankede and find out what’s been on his Mind lately, what his plans are in his Career + any extra things we can know;

Q: Tell us Niva, how do you do what you do? What drives you?

A: My Ideas are the brightest when Im laying down on my Bed, thats when my Mind Explodes. Im always thinking “How about this? How about that? Could this work? What if it works?” , My mind is in many places at the same time.

Q: In terms of your Multimedia work, what are your Goals?

Credit: Styl Studios.

A: I want Zambia to get its Spot in the World Entertainment Sector. I want Zambian Models, Photographers, Bloggers, Stylists – to earn their spots and be recognized too in World Events.

Q: Who do you see yourself working with soon or who do you have on your mind when it comes to collaboration?

A: Every time Im thinking about collaboration I can’t help but think about how much I want to collaborate with Martyn Mwiko (@the_every_mvn). He doesn’t know this, but I will introduce this to him soon Lol. He is a brave street-stylist and his style is just, man its diverse and admirable.

Q: So Niva, if somebody was to describe you, how would they?

Credit: Styl Studios.

A: Well Im an All-Round Creative. I can be a Photographer cause I understand Photography and Editing (Video Too), I can be a Stylist cause I am a Menswear Influencer, I can model too (ehem!) (wears a silly smirk) I know a Good Month in the Gym would charge me up. So just call me an ‘All Round Creative’. And trust me, sometimes I look at my work and go ‘Yep, Im Insane’.

Q: Haha, Wow. So, how would you describe the Zambian Fashion and Entertainment Industry Currently?

A: I believe that the Fashion & Entertainment Industry in Zambia is just now rising and the speed is Very Impressive. I am confident we will get there soon enough, and I want to be part of the revolution.

Credit: Styl Studios

Q: When did you start all this Niva?

A: Well I can trace it back to High School, when I was I THINK 15 Years Old. Yeah. Thats when I fell in Love with Fashion and Subsequently Visuals: Photography. Thats when I also discovered my ability to Multitask, guess thats why my Ideas pop up random and suddenly.

Q: Niva is there a time you felt you got blocked from your dreams? Any time you almost gave up before reaching this far?

A: I almost started hating my Country until one time I read somewhere, something saying “You can love your Country without loving your Politicians”. They were the main reason I felt like giving up on Zambia.

Q: Well thank you so much for your time Niva, that was Insightful.

A: You’re Welcome B-)


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Whats on my INFINIX HOT S3???

Hey guys! Welcome back to my Blog and due to several requests I got, I decided to share with you guys ‘Whats on my Infinix Hot S3’, and that is the Apps I use on my day to day basis to get my Work and Fun done. So without wasting much time lets get into it πŸ˜€ !


So if theres something you guys have to know about me is, Im a Minimalist – I love to keep my stuff simple looking and clean. So I decided to keep my home page with nothing but the Emergency Icons only (the Camera had to be part I mean??? Lol)

– Phone , Contacts , Messages, Camera and theres the A – Z Menu Icon there.


So for my Main Tab (the main page where my Essentials are), I decided to place them to the Right Tab, that is I simply swipe to the Left, and thats where all my Essential Applications are:

So Starting from the Top Left we have –

β€’ INSTAGRAM – As you all should know my Main place of work is my Instagram (which you should follow me @iam__niva) , so it just had to be the First App.

β€’ FACEBOOK – Umm, thats usually my Secondary place of work and I also use it to connect with people, chat, catch up on Local News and watch funny clips and you know all the stuff thats on Facebook (Haha).

β€’ YOUTUBE – Obviously Watching My Favorite Vlogs, Music Videos, Celebrity News Etc.

β€’ DOWNLOADS – Thats where I monitor all my downloads from.

β€’ DSTV Now – An App by DSTV that allows me to catch up on my favorite shows when Im away from the living room Lol.

β€’ FILE EXPLORER – Monitoring all the Documents in my Phone.

β€’ SNAPCHAT – Connect with friends, share my day to day activites you know how the Snap Goes πŸ˜‰

Then theres the Messengers Folder with ..

β€’ WhatsApp – Connect with Friends, Clients, Family.

β€’ Facebook Messenger – (Same Purpose)

Moving on to my Favorite Folder (The Tools for my Work)

So these are my Photo and Video Editing Apps, and I usually combine them when doing my Editing just to have that Fine Final Look and …

β€’ VSCO – This is the App I use to apply specific Filters to my Photos, just to have that nice and uniform fill to my Feed.

β€’ Lightroom CC – An App I use to control the coloring, light and texture of My Photos.

β€’ InShot – This is the App I use to Edit my Short Videos from (Ill need to get a Bigger App once I start lengthy videos lol)

β€’ PicsArt – This is a Crazy App and you can A LOT with it (many people don’t even know), but basically Selective Adjusting on Light, Color and Retouching is what I do here a lot.

β€’ AVIARY – Ever since my friend, graphic designer and Mentor – Terrence (@called4th) introduced this App to me, it has been the Best for Adjusting ‘Brightness’ in that it increases or decreases brightness without distorting your light on the photo.

β€’ SNAPSEED – An App I used to think was annoying and hard to learn but then I discovered the ‘Selective Adjusting’ Tool in it is the Best thing that happened to Phone Editing.

β€’ Last but not the least, PHOTOGRID – I use this for my Collages Basically.

The Next Folder …

Contains my Two Cloud Storages (I love to store my Work in Clouds for easy and fast Access wherever I go ..

β€’ DROPBOX – For saving my Final work (photos and videos).

β€’ GOOGLE DRIVE – Saving Files and Documents mostly.

For the Rest of the Icons going down ..

β€’ CALENDAR – We all know what the Calendar is for Lol (Oh but oh I save the due dates to my tasks there actually).

β€’ CALCULATOR – Day to Day numeric calculations.

β€’ GALLERY – For viewing my Work obviously.

β€’ MUSIC – Helloww?? Who doesn’t play their Favorite Tracks while working? Definitely Not Me.

β€’ MAPS – I use this a lot when Im in another City and don’t know the roads that well.

β€’ WORDPRESS – The Official Word Press App where I write all my Blogs from.

β€’ NOTES – I use this App to text down all my Tasks and Important (short) Information I see or get while on the go.

β€’ PLAY STORE – Where I download all these Apps from (Lol).

β€’ SHAREIT – I love this App a lot when it comes to transferring Files, Documents etc, Its Very Fast and Convenient.

β€’ GOOGLE EARTH – I love to explore the world on this App, checking out different Cities, Different Buildings etc, its the Best Map App ever.

β€’ CHROME – The Browser I use for my Research and News.

β€’ SHAZAM – I love this App cause sometimes you hear a Track playing somewhere and you have no idea what the title is, just Shazam it and Done!

β€’ GMAIL – Oh another Important App cause thats where all my Professional Mailing is done.

β€’ SETTINGS – The Inbuilt App that allows you to Customize your phone to your Liking.

β€’ TOOLKIT – This App is connected to the Mobile Network (Airtel) and , I don’t even know what It does It just pops up there LMAO!

On the Third Tab to the right, I arranged the Inbuilt Phone Apps in a shape of a Cross and I still haven’t known what most of them do but the FaceID is the control center for the Phone’s Facial Identity Feature, the Shuffle switches the phones themes to a different type per click, and the Google Folder has the extra Google Apps like the Google Browser, the Music App, Google Photos and Duo (a Video Chatting App).


(Wow what was lengthy)

So Guys thats exactly whats on my INFINIX HOT S3 Smartphone, Im still getting to know more of its capabilities on my day to day activities, but so far, I just LOVE how I work between all those Apps on its Infinity Display, that really makes my work easier.


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So for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, “Winter is Here”, and obviously your gear should be ready or else you’re in for it (lol)

We compiled Four of our Favorite boots that we think should be in your budget this winter to keep you warm yet stylish.

1). The Brogue Boots.

Now, enough with the typical black or brown color when selecting shoes, especially when you are picking these masculine and stylish boots – the Brogue Boots. A Pair in Burgundy, styled with a nice pair of slim fit jeans and various sweat shirts or jackets to pull this off.

2). The Suede Chelsea Boots.

” Iv always been a Fan of Suede chelsea boots. They are the first chelsea boots I fell in love with. I always saw them on Kanye West and I always went, Yo those are dope shoes, the probably cost a buck. But eventually I found quality yet affordable sources lol ” (Niva – Chief Editor House of DRUBERG).

Well, you can definitely tell by looking. Perfect Alignment, Comfortable and Warm. They are definitely must haves.

[Bottega Veneta]

3). The Chelsea Dress Boats.

Now of course some of us may be working and theres nothing more annoying than waking up to a cold morning. Worry not. Destroy your Monday to Friday switch ups with a additional good pair of Chelsea Dress Boots. A dark brown pair or black will go perfectly fine with your trench coats, just like candy and children (yeah we got jokes too).

4). The Chukka Boots.

I remember watching a Travel Vlog by “Jacks Gap” on YouTube, and one of the two owners of the channel (they are both American btw) had to go visit his girlfriend in Australia. Long story short he had a pair of dark brown Chukka boots, a Pair of dark blue jeans, and a Plaited Shirt, and the outfit just sunk deep inside me – till now I want to recreate that outfit. Chukka boots talk “clean, masculine, stylish and rare to me”. (Niva – Chief Editor House of DRUBERG).


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INFINIX HOT S3 (Blog 1): Design, Features and Accessories.

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my Blog. So as we all should know, Infinix Mobile launched a new smartphone; Hot S3, and its a MUST HAVE! I will be reviewing it for the next couple of weeks to give you guys an Insight of what this amazing smartphone has to offer.

Lets get to it!


The Hot S3 comes with a Unique Plastic Build which still gives you a premium metallic feel and a nicely firm grip. The phone comes in three colors; Brush Gold, Sandstone Back and Topaz Blue (And I got the Sandstone Black cause I just love black lol)

Due to the type of build material, the phone gives you a decent weight of about 150 grams which is ideal because its not heavy, and neither is it light (and possibly irritating, lol).

It also comes with a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) 4000mAh In-built Battery which is able to last you a whole day +’ under moderate use.

The Infinix Hot S3 also comes with a 13MP Rear Camera which is a very decent measure, and still gives you super quality photos to enhance your photography desire. The Back Camera is also accompanied by a ‘Dual Tone’ LED Flash which maintains the best photo quality in places with very low light.

The two button rails on the side are the Up and Down Volume buttons, and at the bottom lays the Power Button.

The Hot S3 also comes with a Fingerprint Scanner at the back (round feature about Name) and can be used to confirm purchases too other than securing your phone (wow).

Coming to the top and bottom of the phone, the bottom (upper photo) has a really good loudspeaker which produces amazing sound (when playing music and alike), charging port and a mouth piece. The 3.5mm headphone jack was placed at the top of the phone (lower photo).

The Infinix Hot S3 comes with a 20MP front facing (low light selfie) camera which means it automatically adjusts its exposure in low light situations hence allows you to still take your Proper Selfies. It is also backed by an LED flash (which is also used in a Special Feature I will mention at the Bottom πŸ˜‰ )

The Hot S3 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Processor (1.4GHz) WHICH SAYS GOODBYE to Lags when using your smartphone and really speeds up your operations when Browsing through the Web, or simply multitasking through your Apps. This is backed by a 3GB Ram and thats just Amazing.

The Hot S3 also comes with a 5.7 ‘Infinity Display’, 18.9 Aspect Ratio (One of my Favorite Features) and this really helps give you enough room to do and review your work. The Display is built with a 1440 x 720 Pixel Density which gives you about 285 PPI, which are really good features for a Bright, Crisp and Clean Display output.

As if thats all, the Hot S3 also comes with the “Facial Recognition” Feature, that means you can Unlock the phone with your Face, and I tried it out a couple of times after unboxing and its absolutely fast and accurate. In situations of low light (or darkness) the Front LED is there to make your face Visible and not limit your Facial ID use at all!


The Hot S3 is packed with 3.5mm Headphones which produce a premium quality sound, ideal for all your audio output privacy, a USB Cable and a Charging Head to keep your phone powered up (Its Really Fast at charging your phone actually).


The Hot S3 also comes with an amazing 1 year warranty for the Phone and 6 months for the Accessories, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a faulty phone (in the slimmest possible chances).


The Hot S3 has Two Nano Sim Card slots and a Micro SD card slot all on one Tray, so you are able to expand your storage space to up to 128GB (on top of the 32 GB Inbuilt storage space), as well as use two sim cards to expand your network connectivity options.

It is equipped with 4G connectivity for fast browsing and streaming.

Comes with the Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System.

And Last but not the least, it also features “GPS”.


So guys that, THAT RIGHT THERE, Is the Amazing Infinix Hot S3 Smartphone and Im super excited to have it.

With all those features it comes packaged with I hardly see no reason why you shouldn’t consider it as your next Phone Purchase.

Im yet to Experience it to the fullest as I will take it out for all my Adventures and Spins, and really have the ability to Express Myself through It. Everything will be posted on my Social Media Accounts.


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Here are the Monday to Friday Wrist Watches to consider.

Now as a lot of you know, an outfit just feels EMPTY without a watch, I mean, dahh .. and if you want to call yourself a dandy man, you should have a fine taste in wrist watches (apart from your cologne collection, which we will look at later). So if you are having a little struggle with your go-to wrist watch brands you might want to consider these 5 wrist watches any dandy man would wear from Monday to Friday. Lets get into it:


I think this is one of the most underrated mens watches in town. But if you consider yourself a clean guy, a nice leather strap in blue, finished with a gold bezel and a chronograph, Fossil definitely delivers just what you need for almost any occasion.


If you call yourself a wrist watch enthusiast then you should know that Cartier has produced some of the best go-to wrist watches for many formal (and informal) events. This is definitely one of the way back Swiss watches that are popularly known for classy men only. So on that part of the week that you are throwing a blazer on, finish the look with a Cartier wrist watch and turn heads.


This is one of the not so popular wrist watches, that should only mean its not for the average of course. Most dandy men on Instagram (like @erikforsgren) has been spotted wearing a Vacheron Constantin and we Immediately loved the outcome. So if we are talking of a Business Meeting and you may need something to draw people’s attention from you as you think of other points, wear this and hold your chin often. (No seriously).

4). ROLEX – Day Date

People usually tend to abandon brands just because they have become popularly known amongst people, but thats a mistake. Rolex has forever been one of the trade mark wrist watches across different income ranges, but we are not talking about just any Rolex, an ORIGINAL Day Date is a perfect match for a nice day of Golf while discussing Business with your colleagues. So behave yourself and get yourself one.


Another not so popular wrist watch is the Seven Friday and this is definitely not your average mechanical watch. Most suit lovers who are confident in themselves have been spotted wearing a Seven Friday wrist watch and immediately stood them out. So whether you are going out shopping with the Family, or attending a Business meeting, or a simple Brunch with your friends, wearing a Seven Friday wrist watch will definitely bring out your Dandy Identity.


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Top 10 Best Dressed Zambian Men 2018 β€” (1st Quarter Release)

From going out to Various Events, having lunch with friends, or even just taking a few shots to admire themselves, these Zambian Men have been spotted to pay particular attention to what they wear from Top to Bottom. Below is our Debut of the Top 10 Best Dressed Men list, set to be released every quarter of the year. (NB: this list is NOT arranged by any relevance, but is General).

Take a Look!


Popularity known as a Fashion Blogger, Peter has paved way for many Zambians when it comes to showcasing their outfits. He has been in the game for a very long time and has been recognized Internationally too. He definitely deserved every award he scored.


We would like to describe him as a Man of Detail. Stanslous has been noticed to pull out statement outfits starting from his shoes, all the way up to his upper garment like this BEAUTIFUL double breasted jacket in the photo above. We definitely couldn’t leave him out.


The Perks of being a CEO of your own Company (Billionaire’s Squad) is that you are persuaded to go Dapper more often than usual. Patrick can be described as a Business minded person who believes that you can meet a potential client anytime and therefore a statement of identity must always be portrayed.


The Vintage Knight – he has been noticed to be a huge fan of Vintage garments and outfits including his accessories too. Martin is also one of the Best Street-style dressers in Zambia and is not afraid to go all out regardless of the event.


He is the CEO of a Media Company called ‘305Media’ and has made a remarkable impact in the reachability of Zambian Talent to the Zambian People. He is also a Fashion Statement Maker, and single handedly juggles both Formal and Street wear with little effort!


Jackie recently posted a photo of his Paul Smith Design Suit and we Immediately Loved it! Also noticed as a HUGE Kevin Gates Advocate, He is definitely one of the Top Dapper Zambians with ALSO a Fantastic Cologne Choice (no seriously, keep your girlfriend away from him).


(No, of course Nation is not his real surname) ANNNDD we couldn’t help but notice and appreciate Harris’ Impact in the Styling world. He is famously known as a Celebrity Stylist and has worked with many Zambian Music Artists (to be specific) when it came to outfits for particular events. His consistency in Amazing Street Style outfits definitely had to score him a position in this Quarter’s Release.


Fred has recently put out a series of Impressive outfits which revealed the Inner Model (one of his professions) in him. He has also been noticed as a monochrome lover, pulling off an All-black outfit in the photo above, and also easily pulling off the required all – white outfit at the recent ‘Stella Artois’ Launch in Lusaka.

2/10 : Daulile Mungoni

Daulile is known for his IMPRESSIVE Suits that he has been dressed in over the recent years. He is definitely also a Detail Lover as he has confessed that most of his clothes are purchased from ‘None-Basic’ Clothing Stores like ZARA and this definitely earns him a spot in our Top 10 Best Dressed Zambian Men this Quarter.


He is Another Suit Lover who has been spotted for his remarkable consistency in nailing his clean-cut suits, which definitely earns him a spot as one of Zambia’s Best Dressed Men. He is also a known coffee lover amongst his peers, and also has brilliant photography skills which he showcases on his secondary Instagram account.


Well Folks, those are this Quarter’s Top 10 Best Dressed Men chosen by the House of DRUBERG. Be sure to check out the subsequent releases down this Year, and also send us the names of other Zambian’s you are confident deserve a spot on our Quarterly Releases.

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Meet my new Inspo – Anele Papu, South African born photographer and all-round multi talented creative.

I came across Anele’s instagram page one time (cant really remember how, lol) but ever since i followed him i have received a decent amount of motivation to further my fashion skills, photography skills and also, well im thinking of starting the gym and Anele does all three. 

One of the things i noticed about this guy is the way he simply alligns his outfits, so simple and neat, and they just come out really awesome. His passion for photography has given me a little further push to continue my hunt for a personal good quality camera to improve my fashion showcases, and the fact that he works out too, and im about to start working out, how much more inspiration could one be looking for? 

Born in Port Elizabeth, Papu attended the school of Music, Art & Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He gained incredible experience over the past two years through his Multimedia & Marketing company, Vulzee. It was during this time he had the pleasure of working and collaborating in multiple projects with South Africa’s finest talent and exceptional companies.

His career was launched when he recently moved to Johannesburg in early 2016 and has had the opportunity to collaborate and work with remarkable brands such as Roll Royce, Adidas, Huawei, Daniel Wellington, Uber South Africa, TopMan, Jaguar South Africa. His work has been featured in exhibitions with Adidas and publications such as GQ South Africa.

You can follow him on Instagram using the handle – @anelepapu .